D.C. Cohort Longitudinal HIV Study (DC Cohort)

The DC Cohort was launched in 2011 with a unique purpose: to bend the trajectory of the HIV epidemic in DC. The DC Cohort documents outcomes and treatment from a majority of Persons Living with HIV (PLWH) from new diagnosis until death to address future challenges in the HIV epidemic such as the efficacy of new therapies and health disparities on HIV outcomes.




Marinella Temprosa, PhD

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Project Overview:

Since 2009, the DC Cohort is a longitudinal research project designed to collect clinical data from HIV-infected outpatients receiving care at fifteen clinics in the District of Columbia.

Major findings/impact of study:

The DC Cohort now includes more than 75% of PLWH in the DC metro area. The DC Cohort is one of only two North American HIV cohorts that is conducted in close coordination with the local health department.

Funding Agency or Sponsor: